Rehabilitation of the Blagis Gymnasium Hall


Rehabilitation of the Blagis Gymnasium Hall
Rehabilitation of the Blagis Gymnasium Hall
Rehabilitation of the Blagis Gymnasium Hall
Rehabilitation of the Blagis Gymnasium Hall

Our intervention on this gymnasium hall aimed to enhance and reveal its existing features in a new light. Our goal was to maximize the potential use of the existing building.

In terms of materiality, the base will be clad in ribbed aluminum siding, creating an ever-changing appearance depending on the viewing angle and weather conditions. The cast shadows and reflections will continuously evolve, adding visual richness to the project while maintaining its simplicity. The base will be topped with a double-skin polycarbonate wall, allowing for soft, diffuse, and uniform natural light to permeate the hall. At night, the illuminated hall will assert its presence in the city as a public facility. In addition to their thermal performance and reasonable cost, these materials will give the hall a remarkable new image.

Our proposal aligns with the program's recommendations: a service strip housing changing rooms, sanitary facilities, maintenance rooms, technical rooms, etc., and an open-plan workout area. Each component seamlessly integrates with the existing structures and volumes: concrete with a flat roof for the service strip and a metal frame with steel decking for the workout area.

The rehabilitation of the hall goes beyond relocating equipment and existing habits to improved practice conditions. It provides an opportunity for a broader reflection on the space, offering new possibilities and potential uses.

Competition 2021
Client: City of Sceaux
Surface area: 822 m²
Ecology: Compliant with RT (French energy efficiency regulations)
Cost: 1.15 million euros

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