BBC office building

Grenoble, fr

BBC office building
BBC office building
BBC office building
BBC office building

This project, through its confirmation of preferred options for both the siting and size of the building, embraces the architectural specifications of the Urban Development Zone as a tool which contributes substantially to its design, thereby ensuring its harmonious integration in the immediate environment.

Preferences for the design of façades, construction methods and materials are intended to generate high energy efficiency, in terms of the dynamic thermal properties of the building. Water resource management, acoustic comfort and the reduction of worksite nuisances have also been taken into consideration in the HQE procedure. The Eastern, Southern and Western façades feature a latticework outer façade of perforated metal panels. This lacework structure of perforated metal, which is spaced from the front of the façade by service gangways, acts as an enormous sun breaker, the shading effects of which contribute to visual comfort through the control of visual disturbances. To the South, the outer façade incorporates a series of photovoltaic panels. These assume the inclination required for the exposure of their photovoltaic cells. The resulting arrangement, which resembles a series of successive caps, produces a sun breaker effect which contributes to visual comfort without obstructing the views of the landscape to which occupants are entitled. The photovoltaic panels integrated in the façade fulfil two functions: they contribute the management of thermal solar input and generate electricity with a low environmental impact. The façade adopts an approach to its environment which is both sensitive and intelligent, but also exploits environmental constraints as a means of producing renewable energy.

Collaboration with Jacques Ferrier, lead architect

completion 2009
Client Urbiparc Management
Area 11700 m²
Sustainability BBC Effinergie
Budget 15,3 M€

Photos Luc Boegly

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